Tuesday, 19 March 2019

JEE Main 2019 Exam Important Dates

JEE Main 2019 is the top most Engineering Entrance Exam in India.  JEE was previously conducted by CBSE, but from 2019 it would be conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency). JEE id divided into two exams. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. JEE would now be conducted two times a year- January and Aril 2019. The examination mode is only Online. JEE gives Engineering aspirants admission to various IIT’s, NIT’s and GFTI’s.

   The application process for the January Examination started 1st September and has been closed on 30th September. The editing / correction can be done in the application form till 14th October like photograph, signature etc. This examination would be 8 sittings between April 6 to 20. Candidate can appear only once. JEE has allotted date and time to all the registered candidates. The admit cards for JEE Exam will be allotted on 17th December to all the registered candidates. This is an ALL India level Examination.

Over 1.55 lakh students apply for JEE Main Exam this year. The next slot of Examination of JEE Main would be in the months of April for which the application would start in the month of February. Exam date would be between 6th to 20th April. 

 The result will be declared on 30th April and counselling will be on the month of June.
JEE Advanced, the gateway to admission in 23 IIT’s has released its date to be 19th May. The 2 lac aspirants who pass JEE Main are eligible to sit for JEE Advanced Examination. Candidates can sit maximum of 2 times in 2 consecutive years for this exam.

 JEE Advanced would be Online mode. Time duration of the Examination would be 3 hours. Only the candidates who have passed JEE main can appear for JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced has around 11000 seats to be offered to engineering aspirants. 

Exam pattern is defined for JEE Main but JEE Advanced has no fixed pattern. The candidates who have already rejected the seats of IIT’s in the previous year cannot apply for this.

Engineering being the most-sought after Entrance Examination in India has become a great competition these days. The colleges offered with the JEE Main Examination helps the students to secure a bright future and placements.

You can study online to prepare for different engineering branches like civil, electrical and mechanical etc.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Antenna and Wave Propagation by John D. Kraus Pdf

Dear friends in this post I am going to upload ebook on antenna and wave propagation which is written by John D. Kraus, you can download this ebook in pdf format. This ebook containing eighteen chapters. This ebook will be complete for your course. I hope you will find it helpful. Let me know if you need more ebooks on other topics.

Basic Details of Book:

Name: Antenna and Wave Propagation

Author: John D. Kraus

Format: PDF

Pages: 460

Ebook Size: 17.6

                              Download ebook: Antenna and Wave Propagation

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mechatronics an Introduction by Robert H. Bishop Pdf Book

Mechatronics an introduction contains 21 chapters which is written by Robert H.Bishop. Generally this book published by Taylor & Francis. This is complete book with diagrams and various types of examples. I hope you like this and it will be helpful for your engineering course. I recently have uploaded many ebooks on my blog for my friends and hope here they can get useful for their courses.

Title of Book: Mechatronics an Introduction

Written By: Robert H. Bishop

Book Size:  4.73MB

Format:  PDF

Pages      : 285

Size           : 14 MB

Mechanical Engineering by Roger Timings-Third Edition

One of the best helpful mechanical engineering by Roger Timings, you also can say this is a pocket book. This is third edition on mechanical engineering which covers 8 chapters. If you are B-Tech or M-Tech student from mechanical engineering so this book will guide you well.

Title of Book: Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book

Written By: Roger Timings

Edition: Third edition

Book Size:  4.73MB

Format: PDF

Thursday, 31 March 2016

How to Write Civil Engineering Projects’ Report?

In almost all the prestigious engineering colleges and universities providing specialization in civil engineering, students are required to prepare civil engineering project reports in almost every semester. If not this frequently, all civil engineers need to submit at least one Project Report in four years of engineering.

Writing a report for your civil engineering project is not that difficult but it can be tricky if the student is doing it for the first time. But once the students have done it for a couple of times, it becomes easy as well as interesting job to prepare and produce a civil engineering project report.
To write an effective project report you need to understand different levels of Project Reports to start with. Here is an overview of the process of writing effective Civil Engineering Projects’ Reports:

1) Title Page

The first page of your Civil Engineering Project should cover the title. This page also contains your name, your guide’s name and your college/institute’s name. Do not forget to include:

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Monday, 29 February 2016

Metallurgical Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Material science and engineering is known as metallurgical engineering and it is totally based on physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements. In this engineering you will have to read all about metal. This is really interesting to study. If you are preparing for GATE 2016 exams so you can download previous years question papers on metallurgical engineering. I hope these pdf will give you idea about exams preparation and these are the best for practice so download and try to solve all these, I am sure it will give you confidence in your upcoming exams. 

These are year wise Question papers on Metallurgical Engineering for GATE:

I just upload some previous question papers on Mining engineering for GATE

Mining Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Mining is another interesting engineering course. If you are doing GATE preparation for mining engineering so I have some important pdf for you. These are basically previous year exams question papers of GATE. I think these will be helpful you’re your practice that’s why I am sharing these pdf here. I recently upload many question papers on GATE for various types of engineering courses like civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science and electronics etc. You can check what type of exams format will be in GATE like total numbers of questions, marks, objective and time etc.

Take a look at these pdf and download for your best practice:

Check here my recently uploaded pdf on Mechanical Engineering for Gate

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mechanical Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

As we know mechanical engineering is most demanded engineering course and every year thousands of students take admission in mechanical engineering. I have some useful question papers for GATE preparation on mechanical so I shared all these year wise question papers in this blog. I hope these exams papers will help you in your GATE preparation. You also can download other engineering course exams paper for GATE because I recently upload many engineering courses question papers like civil, electronics, computer science, electrical, chemical, aerospace engineering, and other various courses. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mathematics Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Mathematics is one of the interesting subjects for bright students and they like to solve mathematics numerical. Today I am sharing GATE previous year question papers. Solve all these previous exams papers and know how much you learn about GATE. Time is very important in exams because We have limited time in exams so how will you manage your time. If you solve these exams papers so you can judge how much time you have taken to solve whole examination.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Geology and Geophysics Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Hey friends GATE upcoming exams are near are you searching for geology and geophysics question paper so don’t worry here I am uploading for you. I have uploaded previous question papers on various types of engineering courses like civil, mechanical, electrical, mechanics, computer science and other types of engineering courses.  I am glad that I upload these previous year question papers for you. I like to help my friends. If you will prepare with these pdf so you can learn more about geology and geophics.

Ecology and Evolution Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Are you student of Ecology and Evolution? I have some previous year question papers for you GATE exams. I recently uploaded many engineering program question papers on engineering. If you are preparing GATE upcoming exams so these papers will be helpful for you. I like to help my engineering friends that‘s why I shared these pdf on my blog. I hope I could help you in you study can directly ask me any type of engineering related material , if you seriously need any eBook on any type of engineering course so you can ask in right hand side ask box. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Chemistry Gate Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Hi friend today I am uploading previous question papers for GATE exams and I hope it will be helpful. This is chemistry question papers for GATE, all the instructions about exam are mentioned starting of this pdf so read carefully all these and follow all the exams rules.

I shared these pdf because you can do practice well for GATE and get good rank in your examination. Here I shared 2013, 2014 and 2015 previous exams paper.

Following pdf are linked below click to download :

I Recently upload some question papers on computer science and IT for GATE 

Computer Science Gate Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Are you preparing GATE 2015 exams? So I have some useful question papers for you exams preparation these will help you to get good marks. Here I uploaded previous three years papers check and download these pdf for your exams practice. 

It's important to make practice with previous year papers because it give us idea about exam type and we can know how much time we will take to give complete exam. 

Following question papers are linked below click and download: 

Biotechnology Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Today I am going to upload previous year question papers on biotechnology engineering. These question papers will help you practice for exams and you can know how much you learn about biotechnology. I am sure if you will practice with these question papers you can get good marks in you exams. I am also a student of that’s why I can understand importance of previous exams question papers because every student want to know about previous exams types and then he/she can prepare well for exams

It is important study with complete planning and regularly. We can’t study much in a short time it will always take time. Just try to solve these I hope it will give you benefit.

Following question papers are uploaded below click to download:

See More engineering question papers on Architectureand Planning

Architecture and Planning Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Architecture and planning is the best engineering course and every year many engineering students take admission in this program. If you are also doing engineering from architecture and planning so I am uploading previous three year question papers for your exams practice I hope it will be helpful for you.

Simply download these pdf and solve previous exams question, it will make you confident in exams. Following pdf are upload below click to download: 

I recently upload various engineering question paper : Agricultural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Hi friends are you doing aerospace engineering so I bring previous years question paper for your practice. These are previous year papers so these will give you idea about types of papers. Here i upload previous three year question papers 2013, 2014 and 2015. Just download to make your study better and achieve highest marks in exams. Maximum numbers in aerospace engineering is 100 and time duration of exams is 3 hour.

General instructions are given above of this pdf please read and follow them. I am sure it will help you in your study and you will get good marks so  best you luck for your upcoming exams.

Following are year wise exams question papers click and download :

Friday, 22 January 2016

Importance of Mechanical Engineering Projects During Engineering

Yes, mechanical engineering projects during engineering are like foundation for successful careers of the graduates. It’s important to work on these projects rather than simply purchasing some readymade ones.

Mechanical engineering is for sure one of the oldest branches of engineering.  As is clear with the name, Mechanical engineering is that branch of engineering which deals with machinery, both big and small. It includes different aspects of machinery including, designing, manufacturing and maintenance for various purposes. Being an important engineering branch which is incredibly diverse, it provides the engineering students with an opportunity to take up any number of projects, big or small.

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