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Strength of Material by Rk Rajput and S.Chand Pdf

Hey friends last time a student ask me to upload strength of material by RK Rajput and S.Chand. This ebook also helpful for other students so get your ebook here. This is not a full version of Strength of Material there are solved numerical in strength of material ebook with colorful diagram, formulas and important definitions. I hope it will help you and it is helpful for solving some important numerical.

Basic detail of Rk Rajput and S.Chand Pdf:

Title: Strength of Material-Mechanics of Solids

Author(s): Rk Rajput and S.Chand

Pages       : 28

Size: 5.20MB

Format: PDF

   Read Ebook Online:  
Download: Strength of Material by Rk Rajput and S.Chand

These chapters are included in this eBook:

1.1  classification of loads
1.2  stress
1.3  simple stress
1.4  strain
1.5  stress and elongation produce in a bar due to its self-weight
1.6  The bar of uniform strength
1.7  Stress in bar due to rotation
1.8  Elongation of taper road
1.9  Elongation of conical bar due to its self-weight
1.10       Poisson’s ratio
1.11       Relation between the elastic constants.
1.12       Stress included in compound tries or struts.
1.13       Thermal stresses and strains

1.14       Hoop stress

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