Friday, 19 May 2017

5 Apps for Students Which Make Your Engineering Easy

If I say you can learn from your mobile if you are engineering student, do you believe?  Yes you should. We download many apps for our android mobile they may be anything like games, photo editors, books and funny apps etc. Do you ever download educational app for your study. There are thousands of educational apps on Google play store which can make your study easy.

Today I am talking about 5 engineering apps which are veryuseful for engineering students because it help and make engineering easy. Nowadays everyone carry mobile phone on their pocket so it’s easy to store an engineering app on the phone and study anywhere from the app. You can study anytime from the app.

Why you should use these 5 engineering apps:
  •      Theory of Machines
  •      Digital Electronics
  •      Strength of Materials (SOM)
  •      Software Engineering
  •      Database Management Systems
1. Theory of Machines: This is mechanical engineering app which covers full syllabus same a book. There are lot of chapters with diagram, formulas and examples. There are about 161 topics to read. One of the best thing you can watch tutorial on the app. There are lots of projects on the topics.
Following are the first five units on the app:

Download App: Theory of Machines
  1. Tom Definition 
  2. Fundamental Units
  3. International system of units (S.I. Units)
  4. Presentation of Units and Their Values
  5. Rules for S.I. Units
     2. Digital Electronics:  This app is helpful for electronics engineering students there are 5 complete chapters in the app which covers 165 topics and every topic is given with complete explanation with examples and formulas. This app has 100,000 - 500,000 downloads.

                                                Download App: Digital Electronics

Following are the first five units on the app: 
  1. Decimal System
  2. Binary System
  3. Representing Binary Quantities
  4. Octal and Hexadecimal System
  5. Binary-To-Decimal and Decimal-to-binary Conversion
3. Strength of Materials (SOM): The app is helpful for mechanical engineering students, this is like a complete handbook. There are also 5 units in the app which is covering 157 topics. In the app you can read about all the basics of strength of materials. There are important notes for exam preparation.

                                                 Download App: Strength of Materials

Following are the first five units on the app:
  1.      Tensile Stress
  2.      Compressive Stress
  3.      Shear Stress
  4.      Volumetric Stress
  5.      Volumetric Strain 
      4. Software Engineering:  If are student of computer science engineering you should have this app to learn more. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for Computer science engineering programs & software degree courses. There are 150 topics in the complete app which are covering 10 chapters on software engineering.
Download App: Software Engineering
  1. These are the first five topics on the app:
  2. The Problem Domain
  3. Software is Expensive
  4. Late and Unreliable
  5. Maintenance and Rework
  6. The Software Engineering Challenges
     5. Database Management Systems: The app is based on DBMS which is a computer science engineering app. Here you will learn how database managements systems work. There lots of diagrams which make topic easy to understand. It cover 5 chapters including 150 topics in the app.
These are the first five topics on the app:
  1.      Overview of Database Management Systems
  2.      Database Systems versus File Systems
  3.      History of Database Systems
  4.      View of Data
  5.      Extending Database Capabilities
These are only five apps for study purpose, if you need more apps for other engineering beaches like mechanical, civil, electrical and computer science etc. You should download the engineering apps

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Free Android App Development Tutorial

Our one and only android is a very popular open source and Linux-based operating system for connected devices. Connected devices include Smartphone, tablets and other such devices. For the delight of the developers’ community, android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

If we go by the market sentiments, this is the best time to start your career in android development. The technology is exciting and full of fruitful and lucrative opportunities.

To help you get started, ADTC Global Education has come up with a useful document, kind of free android app development tutorial, which intends to teach you basic Android programming and will also walk you through some advance concepts related to mobile technology in general and Android app development in particular.

The attached ADTC Global Education’s Free Android App Development Tutorial is to get you started with successful android app development. The document is for professionals as well as students who are relatively new to programming, and want to get started with Android app development.

About ADTC Global

Successful Android App Development – A Strategy

There was a study by SAP in the year 2014 which claimed that employees of an organization abandon 78% enterprise mobile applications after using them just once. Wow, those who develop the app don’t actually believe in latent potential it has. And if the developers developing the app show such detachment, imagine the possible state of acceptance and market penetration of the app.

Ever tried to investigate why the retention of the users of android application such a difficult task? Tried to figure out the possible reasons behind this?

Well, try to research on the basis of following 5 reasons why enterprise apps fail:

1. The famous “User-unfriendly” and weak interface design
2. Issues with data security
3. Development runway is not enough
4. Practical problems in hiring a team of qualified developers/agency
5. Getting users to buy-in

Free Android Application Development Tutorial

The popular android is an open source and free to use platform which is ruling the connected device operating system market place. Android is popular because it is flexible and provides the developers’ community with a number of ways to develop different kinds of cool and useful apps. The user base of android devices is increasing exponentially and as a result millions of android apps are already available on Google Play and thousands are being added every day.

Android is undoubtedly a very popular operating system among the mobile users, and considering the present device ecosystem, there are no signs of its loosing popularity in near future. In fact, the user base of android devices is growing day by day. As such, the present time looks like the best time to learn and be an Android developer. The technology is really very exciting and as a result flourishing.

To get you initiated, ADTC Global Education has come up with a free android application development tutorial to make you familiar with the fundamentals of Android and Java programming. Hopefully this will be your first step on your journey to becoming a successful Android developer!

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