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IBPS PO 2018 Exam Important Dates

In this year institute of banking personal selection have 4102 vacancies for candidates. Online registration for IBPS PO 2018 is starting form 14 of Aug 2018 and last date of online form submission would be 4 September 2018. There are three stages to clear IBPS PO exam which are prelims, Mains and last one is Interview round.  Candidates can visit IBPS PO official website to start their registration for the exam.

If you are going to apply for this banking exam you need to know following things about the exam.

Important dates:

Official Website:
Start date of Online Registration: 14 of August 2018
Last date of Online Registration: 4 of September 2018
IBPS PO 2018 Prelims Dates: October 13, 14, 20 and 21, 2018
IBPS PO Main Exam Date: November 18, 2018
Declaration of IBPS PO Result Date: December 2018

Eligibility for IBPS PO 2018:

 Nationality, age and qualification are considered as eligibility for this exam.
Only Indian candidates can apply for this exam.
Candidate should be graduate from recognized board be Government of India.
Candidate must have at least 20 years old. Maximum age limit for the exam is 30 years. Candidates can get age relaxation if case they are 30 above years old.
You if you are going to apply for the IBPS PO examination 2018. Get the detailed information about the exam like Eligibility criteria, Fee detail, Important dates, vacancies and other information related to the exam.   

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Gadgets that Soon Enough will Become a Part of Our Life

Even five years ago people did not expect such inflow of gadgets and other technologies. There is no surprise in portable charger anymore or wireless headphones etc. That’s why it is meaningful to talk about new technologies that soon enough will be in possession of everyone. There one be any specifications, just general characteristics of certain devices that I consider to be very important for our everyday life.

1. SmartWatch. It is a relatively new device that appeared a couple of years ago. First, it was a simple bracelet that counted footsteps and burned calories. Than such companies like Google and Apple decided to develop this idea and create the smartwatch that will perform all the functions of full-fledged cell-phone and will be connected to it performing various aiding functions. For example, it is a good way to cheat on the exams using connecting with a smartphone. It is much easier to listen to music or to answer the calls without taking the phone out of the pocket. It is difficult to ignore this vibration on the wrist. Such smart watch possesses user-friendly interface to substitute mobile phones in the nearest future.

2. VCR.This is a good news for gamers and considering my love to video games it is reasonable in my opinion to include this gadget since not only games benefit from this device. First of all, it will become more interesting to play games using VCR to experience the feeling of the full integration into the imaginary world. However, most of the games on the current stage of development are far from being perfect but in a couple of years, this system will be modernized to amaze even the most experienced players. Also, it is a great opportunity to watch 3D films with even greater effects. Generally, this is not a crucial gadget for our life but obviously, each of us would like to have one.

3. Baby care gadgets. Concerning serious devices, there are a couple of technologies that might be interesting for mindful parents. Modern medicine today pays much attention to the gadgets that will help to observe any changes that baby experience and send it to a smartphone warning in case of any problems. It might be attached to the wrist or to the leg or it might be a wireless devise with a special emitter to conduct the analyses. Soon enough, it will become much easier to take care of the newly born children with these devices.

4. Flexible and transparent displays. There is a good news for those who eventually drop their cell phones or sit on them. This technology is intended to prevent any damage to the surface of the display and safe its functionality. On the current stage of its development, they represent huge screens used for advertising. However, working prototypes of smaller gadgets exist and function well. However, those companies who promised to start serial manufacturing and release such displays continue promising without updates. The only thing is known for sure that in a few years will remind science-fiction films with transparent screens and can't be broken.

About the author: Her name is Melisa Marzett and she is an author of this informative post about technological innovations. Thanks to her writing skills and huge experience in the field of writing she shares such articles in her free time. Currently, she works on ProfessionalCustom Sky Paper Writing Services as a freelance writer continuously developing her skills and knowledge. Use that link if you need such kind of help.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Career Options after Completing Graduation

Graduation is a first rays of our career. It plays a crucial role in the construction of our future as well as the journey of success. There are numerous career options  after graduation , there are many distant courses as well as regular that generates lucrative career prospects for the ambitious  mind. Therefore dedicated planning and career counseling has emerged as the definitive and salient escorts.

Every graduate student is trapped in the web of confusion either they look forward to work environment or wondering perhaps how will you cope with performance pressure. Along with the alarm of result of or any exam tons of thoughts are going through the minds of students.In today’s competitive world , if you are not satisfied with the career or course you pursued there are many short term – high value – low investment courses  in match to the eligibility and capabilities of the student.
On a genuine part ,today just completing your graduation is  not counted as having a great career.You need something more than the bachelor’s degree  to face this contention world.

  Chartered accountant                                        MTECH/ MS
  Masters of commerce                                       Go for MBA
  Masters of business administration                  Prepare for civil services
And many more                                           Entrepreneur

The decision taken after graduation is  word out of your mouth either its good or bad you can’t take it back. So, slow down your speed at this turning point and make an exact and bona fide decision that become your strength for long  and successful career. Only getting a job for money can no be your future, you should find your ability and interest according then you will have to choose your career option.  

Friday, 29 December 2017

Important Engineering Entrance Exams 2018

Every year many engineering entrances conducted to take admission in reputed engineering institutions. Here is the list of important engineering exams of 2018. If you are going to take any of these examinations you should not miss any updates about the examinations.

JEE Main 2018:

CBSE conducts this entrance test every year. By this examination student get opportunity to take admission in reputed engineering institutions.
 JEE Main consist of two examination 1st is to take admission in undergraduate courses like B-tech and B.E in IITs, NITs, IIITs, IIITM & IIITDM. Another one is for an architecture entrance exam for B.Arch./B.Planning in these institutes.

JEE Advance 2018:

This is second level exams only the students are eligible for exam who qualifies in JEE Main exam. The examination of JEE Advance conducts in online mode to take admission in all IITs, IISc, IIPE and IISER. This exam conducted by one of the 7 zonal IITs and consists of two papers, both of which are mandatory.

BITSAT 2018:

Birla Institute of Technology and Science conduct this exam for engineering and pharma courses. This is single level online exam. In this examination topper students will get direct admissions BITS Pilani and other candidates must have at least 80% marks in all three major subject of science Physics, chemistry and Mathematics or Biology.

UPSEE 2018:

Uttar Pradesh state entrance examination is conducted admission to various under graduate and postgraduate courses like B-tech, Bio-Tech, B-Pharma, B.Arch, MBA and MCA etc.  Application for UPSEE 2018 will be submitted through online mode. Candidate should fill online form by visiting its official website. All the important documents should be uploaded online mode.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Importance of Preparing Self Notes in Academic Life

There have been many changes if we see the way a student prepare their academic career as we compare with present scenario and that of students 10 years from now. Student of the present age is now bound more on digital technology while 10 years from now students does not have that much exposure to digital life. I am writing this by considering the scenario of India.

With the development in the field of digital life, students are now started studying online mode, even their study material are all stored in the form of data on their laptops and mobile. Obviously, it should be, people should take the advantage of technology and development. At the same time Government has also been initially projects which are based on technology; one simple example of this is Digital India project by India Government.

Friday, 19 May 2017

5 Apps for Students Which Make Your Engineering Easy

If I say you can learn from your mobile if you are engineering student, do you believe?  Yes you should. We download many apps for our android mobile they may be anything like games, photo editors, books and funny apps etc. Do you ever download educational app for your study. There are thousands of educational apps on Google play store which can make your study easy.

Today I am talking about 5 engineering apps which are veryuseful for engineering students because it help and make engineering easy. Nowadays everyone carry mobile phone on their pocket so it’s easy to store an engineering app on the phone and study anywhere from the app. You can study anytime from the app.

Why you should use these 5 engineering apps:
  •      Theory of Machines
  •      Digital Electronics
  •      Strength of Materials (SOM)
  •      Software Engineering
  •      Database Management Systems
1. Theory of Machines: This is mechanical engineering app which covers full syllabus same a book. There are lot of chapters with diagram, formulas and examples. There are about 161 topics to read. One of the best thing you can watch tutorial on the app. There are lots of projects on the topics.
Following are the first five units on the app:

Download App: Theory of Machines
  1. Tom Definition 
  2. Fundamental Units
  3. International system of units (S.I. Units)
  4. Presentation of Units and Their Values
  5. Rules for S.I. Units
     2. Digital Electronics:  This app is helpful for electronics engineering students there are 5 complete chapters in the app which covers 165 topics and every topic is given with complete explanation with examples and formulas. This app has 100,000 - 500,000 downloads.

                                                Download App: Digital Electronics

Following are the first five units on the app: 
  1. Decimal System
  2. Binary System
  3. Representing Binary Quantities
  4. Octal and Hexadecimal System
  5. Binary-To-Decimal and Decimal-to-binary Conversion
3. Strength of Materials (SOM): The app is helpful for mechanical engineering students, this is like a complete handbook. There are also 5 units in the app which is covering 157 topics. In the app you can read about all the basics of strength of materials. There are important notes for exam preparation.

                                                 Download App: Strength of Materials

Following are the first five units on the app:
  1.      Tensile Stress
  2.      Compressive Stress
  3.      Shear Stress
  4.      Volumetric Stress
  5.      Volumetric Strain 
      4. Software Engineering:  If are student of computer science engineering you should have this app to learn more. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for Computer science engineering programs & software degree courses. There are 150 topics in the complete app which are covering 10 chapters on software engineering.
Download App: Software Engineering
  1. These are the first five topics on the app:
  2. The Problem Domain
  3. Software is Expensive
  4. Late and Unreliable
  5. Maintenance and Rework
  6. The Software Engineering Challenges
     5. Database Management Systems: The app is based on DBMS which is a computer science engineering app. Here you will learn how database managements systems work. There lots of diagrams which make topic easy to understand. It cover 5 chapters including 150 topics in the app.
These are the first five topics on the app:
  1.      Overview of Database Management Systems
  2.      Database Systems versus File Systems
  3.      History of Database Systems
  4.      View of Data
  5.      Extending Database Capabilities
These are only five apps for study purpose, if you need more apps for other engineering beaches like mechanical, civil, electrical and computer science etc. You should download the engineering apps

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Top 5 Mechanical Engineering Apps that Every Mechanical Engineering Student Should Use

In this article I will be sharing some of the apps or rather top five app for mechanical engineering which I thinks is useful for the students as these are related to their academic life, Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech), Master of technology, or Master of Sciences (MS).
Well, these apps can be considered as their pocket e-book and they can refer anywhere they wish to. The applications are available in Google play store and can be downloaded for free. However, there may be some drawback that some of the apps may be used in an offline mode that means there should be data connectivity on your Smartphone to use the full functionality of some of these apps.

The following are the list of Top 5 Mechanical Engineering app that Every Mechanical Engineering student should use:
1. Basic Manufacturing Process:
2. The strength of Materials:
3. Manufacturing Science - 1:
4. Manufacturing Science - 2:
5. Mechanical System Design:

The application is based on the core subject of mechanical engineering Basic Manufacturing Process which is usually studied from the fifth semester of Mechanical Engineering as per the syllabus of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The App have over 110 topics under the subject with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, the topics are listed in 5 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineering science students & professionals. Some of the major units included in the app are as follows:
a. Manufacturing Engineering:
b. Manufacturing Process:
c. Product Simplification and Standardisation:
d. Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM):
e. Product Development:

The strength of Material is one of the important paper in engineering and is a common subject for many branches of engineering such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering etc. The app has 5 units of the strength of the material and this 5 unit is sub-divided into 157 topics. Following are the main topics of the app:

As the name of the application suggests, this application is the first part of the free handbook of Design and Manufacturing, which is also a core subject for Mechanical Engineering. The application includes over 145 topics of Manufacturing Science with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material; the topics are listed in 5 chapters. Some of the major units included in the app are as follows:
c. Defects in Casting
d. Explosive Forming
e. Explosive Forming or HERF (High Energy Rate Forming)

This is the second part or the continuation of Manufacturing Science - 1. Some of the major units included in the app are as follows:

Mechanical System Design is considered to be one of the toughest paper in Mechanical Engineering. The Subject being the core subject for mastering the subject you will need to know the basic of the mechanical engineering. The app has illustrated figures and diagrams for a better understanding of the paper. The following are the major topic of the app.
Characteristics of a System
a. Elements of a System
b. Types of Systems
c. Linear or Non Linear System
d. Static and Dynamic System
e. Time Invariant and Time Varying System
f. Lumped Parameter and Distributed Parameter System
g. Engineering Design Process

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Latest Typical Curriculum Structure for Civil Engineering (UG) as per AICTE 2017

Civil engineering one of the oldest branch of engineering, in fact, it is considered to be the second oldest branch after Military engineering and considered to be one most of the most evergreen branch of engineering as the scope and opportunity of Civil engineers are limitless.
Well, taking about the pattern and norms of B-tech in India (according to AICTE- All India Council for Technical Education), B-Tech (UG) degree for Civil Engineer is completed in 4 years and is divided into 8 semesters with 2 semesters per year, however for some Universities mainly in South India have combined first and second semester in the first years. The following are the latest paper to be studied by B-Tech (UG) Civil Engineering students as released by AICTE.

Main Paper:
(a) Humanities and Social Sciences (HS)
(b) Basic Sciences (BS)
(c) Engineering Sciences (ES)
(d) Professional Subjects-Core & Electives (PC, PE)
(i) Civil Engineering (CE):
(e) Open Electives (OE):
(f) Mandatory Courses (MC):

Lab & Workshop:
BS 11: Applied Physics Laboratory I
BS 12: Applied Physics III
BS 13: Applied Physics Laboratory II
BS 15: Chemistry Laboratory I
BS 16: Chemistry II
BS 17: Elementary Biology
BS I8: Advanced Biology I
BS I9: Advanced Biology II
ES 08: Basic Electronics Engineering Laboratory
ES10: Computer Programming Laboratory
ES 11 Basic Simulation Laboratory
ES 14 Solid Mechanics & Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

For Semester: I –II:
HS, BS and ES Courses common for all Branches; Mandatory Courses;

For Semester: III-IV
HS, BS and ES Courses common for all Branches (to be continued); Also,
Mandatory Courses (to be continued, if required);
PC (Hard/Soft) Courses in two/three groups (like Electrical, Non-Electrical); Area wise Orientation; Add-On Courses;

For Semester: V-VII
PC (Hard/Soft), PE and OE Courses; Branch-wise Orientation; Add-On Courses; Seminar;

For Semester: VIII
PE and OE Courses; Project work and Dissertation, Internship, Seminar: Add-On
Courses; Final wrap-up of Programme;

If you have opted for Civil engineering, I should say that you have made a good decision. The career opportunities and scope in developing countries like India are expanding. All you need to do is hard work, digest every topic and master the subject. There is no short-cut to success, your career entirely depend on your hard work during your B-Tech. A simple tip for preparation, start making self-notes for every paper, like basic civil engineering notes, by referring to as many books as you can, you can also refer civil engineering notes which are already prepared.

About the Author:
Sagolsem Amos: (
Sagolsem Amos is an expert in career guidance and has been working as Career Counselor at

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Top 20 Civil Engineering Institute in India 2017 List

Civil Engineering is considered to be the second oldest branch in engineering after military engineering. As we know Civil engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings and the demand for civil engineering is increasing without any limit.

The first step in building a successful career starts with choosing the right engineering college. The following are considered to be top Civil Engineering Institute in India. The report has been by considering the various ranking and points published by various bodies.

Top 20 Civil engineering institute in India:

1. IIT, Bombay
3. IIT, Kanpur
4. IIT, Kharagpur
5. IIT, Madras
6. IIT, Roorkee
7. BITS Pilani
8. IIT BHU Varanasi
10. NIT Trichy
11. Delhi Technological University
12. NIT Warangal
13. NIT Surathkal
14. Birla Institute of Technology
15. Jadavpur University Faculty Council of Engineering & Technology
16. MNNIT Allahabad
17. PSG College of Technology Coimbatore
18. PEC University of Technology Chandigarh
19. IIEST Shibpur
20. MNIT Jaipur

And it is obvious that for such top institute getting admission is very difficult, as you will need to crack the national level entrance exam. To get admission in such colleges you will need to qualify JEE-Mains and crack JEE-Advance. At the same, it is believed that cracking Ivy League is even considered to be easier than cracking IIT-Advance. Well, it is good that if you get admission in these colleges if you do not, do not be saddened.

The main step in building a successful career comes right from your college, right from your first year. This four year of your B-Tech life is the most critical stage of your life, actually, it is the fruit of these four years work which you will eat rest of your life. One simple technique for studying is preparing self-notes, you should maintain a clear note for all the subjects separately like civilengineering notes, engineering mathematics notes, etc.

The importance of such notes is that it will be useful throughout your B-Tech, taking an example if have maintained a proper note of basic civil engineering notes, as this being the basic and fundamental of civil engineering this basic civil engineering notes will be useful to you in all your semester and after B-tech too.

About the Author:

Sagolsem Amos: (
Sagolsem Amos is an expert in career guidance and has been working as Career Counselor at

Monday, 3 April 2017

Glimpse of Civil Engineering in India

Civil Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest branches in Engineering, in fact, civil engineering is the second-oldest engineering discipline after military engineering. Tracking back to history the origin of civil engineering may be considered to have started right from the age of Mesopotamian civilization or even earlier where the art of construction was started.

The perspective of civil engineering is never ending, the opportunity of civil engineers is increasing day by day. Looking at the present scenario of developing countries like India, the demand for civil engineers is on its peak actually beyond the expectation. Every city and town in India is in the stage of development, where construction of building, dams, flyover, mall etc has been increasing at a tremendous rate. At the same time, the government has also started many development programs or projects such as smart cities projects, different housing scheme, etc., for successful implementation of such programs we need a huge number of civil engineers. By civil engineers, we mean true professionals, who have experience in the field.

Truly Speaking, in India, the number of true professional civil engineers is very low. According to a research report in India, it was reported that India faces a shortage of over 70,000 civil engineers each year. Ever year India produces more than 10,000 civil engineers. And also looking at a report from Civil Engineering Notes it is said that almost 90 percent of engineering graduates in India are unemployed or unemployable.

The main reason why I am referring to these numbers and figures is that I would like to give awareness to all the Civil engineering students in India that a huge golden opportunity is waiting for them and to grab this opportunity they need to work hard a bit during their B-Tech life. Just four years of hard work in their B-Tech can make them rich.

Following are some tips for engineering students to succeed in their career, right from their first year they should preparing subject-wise taking simple example civil engineering notes, notes for formulae, notes for a list of instruments etc.

You will release the importance of such civil engineering notes when your semester exam comes and even after completing your B-Tech at the time of your professional live as Civil engineer.

About the Author:

Sagolsem Amos: (

Sagolsem Amos is an expert in career guidance and has been working as Career Counselor at

Advantages of E-books and its Importance in Student Life

As we all know online ebooks help a lot in education.  There are two types of a book one is hard copy which is called a book and another form is called ebook (“an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.”)
Here I am talking about ebook and its advantages in a student’s life. Basically ebook is a form of a file which is easy to store a laptop, mobile and ipad. It has no body or weight that’s why it is easy to carry it anywhere in any electronic device. Why ebook is important for every student life they may be engineering students, medical students and commerce students. Lets understand the value of E-books in following points.

Easy to Carry:

As I told above ebook is an electronic format which can be stored any type of electronic device which has a reading screen. It has no body or size that’s why students can carry it on their mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices. In these days, everyone has a smart-phone where students can not only store ebooks even he/she can read it anywhere on their phone.

Easy to Read Anywhere:

Once you store your ebook of any device you can easy to read it anywhere. You don’t need to carry a beg for it. You just simply open the device where ebook stored and start to read it.

Easy to Print:

 If you want change an ebook to Book, it’s very simple you just need to print it and combine all the printed pages and then it will call a book.

E-books Save our Money:

When we buy a book, then we have to pay for it but ebook may be free or less cost in comparison to the book.  We can say it saves our money.

Ebooks are Portable:

Ebooks are very easy to store which don’t need space. It does not occupy space. You can store thousands of ebook in storing devices even books occupy space in a library or other place.

Easy to Share with Anyone:

Ebooks are easy to share via mail, whatsapp and other Internet sites but if you have a book you cannot share it. You have to give the complete book. One of the best advantage of an ebook you can send the ebook anywhere through internet even you cannot do that same with book. Books can be shared by post but it takes a lot of time.

There may have many advantages of online ebooks but these are top advantage. I can say ebook play important role in student life and it has more advantages. Every student should take help from online ebooks. There are millions of free ebooks on internet some are free or some are paid, use according to your needs.

E-books Helps in Engineering:

Today,  many engineering students taking help from online ebooks to their engineering courses. They may be any engineering branches, like Mechanical engineering ebooks, Civil engineering ebooks and Electrical engineering ebooks, etc. Internet is the biggest source of knowledge and people are using it for their help. If you are also student from any stream you should take online help for your study.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Engineering Entrance Exams List of 2017

Every year many entrance examinations conduct for different engineering courses. If you are also engineering students, you should know about all those entrance examinations which will be in 2017. In this post I am sharing a list of all the important entrance examinations of 2017. Many examinations scheduled every year, There may be different types of examination levels like UG national level, PG national Level, UG state level, PG state level and university level examinations. These entrance tests conducted for selecting the right candidates who are actually fit to engineering and technology domain. We can say it's an opportunity to get a higher education platform like IITs, NIT and other reputed colleges across the country. Student can get engineering degree in one particular field like mechanical, electrical and computer science etc.

Education from highly
 reputed engineering colleges can help engineering students to provide them a good job where student can make his/her career. You also can be one of them if you will crack any one of these. It is more important to prepare well for entrance exam because competition very high in every national and state level exam. Candidate should practice from last year question paper. The main purpose of writing this article to invite engineering student to give entrance test, these are the various option you can choose one of these according to your education and competence. I think everyone should give entrance tests. Here is a complete list of upcoming entrance examinations of 2017. See the below list and know which exams come under national level and state level.
National and State Level Entrance Examinations List of 2017:

National Level Entrance Exams
State Level Entrance Exams
JEE Main 2017
Andhra Pradesh
JEE Advanced 2017
GATE 2017
AP PolyCET 2017
AP ECET 2017
JAM 2017
TS Polycet 2017
TS ECET 2017
BCECE 2017
MU OET 2017
Bihar Polytechnic 2017
BVP CET 2017
SAAT 2017
Delhi CET 2017
Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) 2017
Haryana DET 2017
AEEE 2017
Himachal Pradesh
ISI Admission 2017
HP PAT 2017
NIFT 2017
IISC 2017
Jharkhand Polytechnic 2017
IIST Admission 2017
JCECE 2017
IISER Admission 2017
Madhya Pradesh
CUCET 2017
MP PPT 2017
CUSAT 2017
MP PAT 2017
Allahabad University 2017
Pondicherry University 2017
Punjab JET 2017
AMU 2017
PTU Exam 2017
IPU CET 2017
JNU Admission 2017
Rajasthan Polytechnic 2017
Delhi University Admission 2017
REAP 2017
UUEE 2017
JET Agriculture 2017
VEE 2017
UKSEE 2017
IMU CET 2017
Uttarakhand Polytechnic (JEEP) 2017
VSAT 2017
UKSEE Advanced 2017
KEE 2017
Uttar Pradesh
NSIT UG 2017
UPSEE 2017
NSIT PG 2017
KEAM 2017
Kerala Polytechnic 2017
KCET 2017
Karnataka Polytechnic Admission 2017
Karnataka PGCET 2017
Odisha DET 2017
OJEE 2017
West Bengal
WBJEE 2017
CG PPT 2017
Assam CEE 2017
Assam Polytechnic PAT 2017
GCET 2017
MH CET 2017
Jammu & Kashmir
JKCET 2017
TNEA 2017

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