Monday, 9 May 2016

Strength of Material by Rk Rajput and S.Chand Pdf

Hey friends last time a student ask me to upload strength of material by RK Rajput and S.Chand. This ebook also helpful for other students so get your ebook here. This is not a full version of Strength of Material there are solved numerical in strength of material ebook with colorful diagram, formulas and important definitions. I hope it will help you and it is helpful for solving some important numerical.

Basic detail of Rk Rajput and S.Chand Pdf:

Title: Strength of Material-Mechanics of Solids

Author(s): Rk Rajput and S.Chand

Pages       : 28

Size: 5.20MB

Format: PDF

Monday, 2 May 2016

Turbomachinery Design and Theory-Mechanical Engineering by Rama S.R Gorla, Aijaz A. Khan

Mechanical engineering ebook on turbomachinery design and theory by Rama S.R Gorla and Aijaz A.Khan. There are lots of chapters for you and I hope you will get more knowledge from this ebook. There are many images and examples to understand topic properly.  There are around 8 chapters on turbomachinery design and theory.

Basic detail of Ebook:

Book Title: Turbomachinery Design and Theory

Author(s): Rama S. R. Gorla and Aijaz A. Khan

Published by: CRC Press

Edition: First

Total Pages: 404

Size: 2.84MB

Format: PDF

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

An Introduction- Material Science and Engineering by William D.Callister Pdf

This is eighth edition of an introduction materials science and engineering by Willian D. Callister and Jr. David G. Rethwisch which has 23 chapter overall the book with 1000 of pages. This is complete edition on material science with clear explanations. This ebook basically focuses on three main types of materials and composites, namely metals, ceramics, and polymers. All the chapters are in complete sequence in this ebook and I hope it will guide you in best way and you can learn a lot from this ebook. You can lean in very easy way because Callister and Jr. David explain every concept with structure examples which make easy to understand topics.

        This is pdf ebook and easy and safe to download file. you can print this ebook if you really need it for your study purpose. You can ask for any other ebook which your did not get on my blog. You simply have to go home page and here you can see "Ask for Ebook box" fill your requirement on that box and i am sure your will get your book on my blog.   

Book Title: Material Science and Engineering An Introduction

Author(s): William D.Callister, David G.Rethwisch

Publisher : John wiley and Sons Inc

Edition    : Eighth

Pages       : 1000

Format    : Pdf

PDF Size: 32.3 MB

Thermal Engineering- The CRC Handbook by Frank Kreith

Thermal engineering first edition of the CRC handbook by Frank Kreith. It covers five sections on engineering like engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, applications and numerical analysis and computational tools. Dr. Frank Kreith is a very famous author and he is professor at the University of Colorado, You can read brief bio about him starting of this handbook.

Title:  The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering

Author:  Frank Kreith

Published By: CRC Press

Edition: First

Pages on the Book: 1192

Format:  PDF

Size: 13.7 MB

Monday, 14 March 2016

Importance of Mechanical Engineering and Its Use in Human life

As we know mechanical engineering is a famous engineering course in engineering and it deals with machinery of various types of machines like vehicles, machines and robots etc. Every year many students take admissions in mechanical because it is most demanded engineering course and interesting. Internet is one of the best option to know more about mechanical engineering because here you can learn much about engineering, for example Wikipedia is the best source of information and people can know more about mechanical engineering. This branch of engineering is really wide and there are many websites on mechanical engineering where students can download free study material for their courses , some website are the best because they provide free study materials for their users and students can download eBooks, books, notes, questions papers and other types of study material. We can say thousands of topics posted on mechanical engineering all over the internet in different websites.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Thursday, 3 March 2016

IGNOU Solved Assignments for BCA 4th Semester of 2016

Hello my friends I am Jaivinder Singh Bhandari, pursuing BCA from IGNOU. I am in 4th semester and it’s time to submit assignments in colleges but it’s very boring for me.  I create this blog for my friends because here I can share much study materials with my friends like ebooks, books, presentations, projects and question papers etc.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Metallurgical Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Material science and engineering is known as metallurgical engineering and it is totally based on physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements. In this engineering you will have to read all about metal. This is really interesting to study. If you are preparing for GATE 2016 exams so you can download previous years question papers on metallurgical engineering. I hope these pdf will give you idea about exams preparation and these are the best for practice so download and try to solve all these, I am sure it will give you confidence in your upcoming exams. 

These are year wise Question papers on Metallurgical Engineering for GATE:

I just upload some previous question papers on Mining engineering for GATE

Mining Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Mining is another interesting engineering course. If you are doing GATE preparation for mining engineering so I have some important pdf for you. These are basically previous year exams question papers of GATE. I think these will be helpful you’re your practice that’s why I am sharing these pdf here. I recently upload many question papers on GATE for various types of engineering courses like civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science and electronics etc. You can check what type of exams format will be in GATE like total numbers of questions, marks, objective and time etc.

Take a look at these pdf and download for your best practice:

Check here my recently uploaded pdf on Mechanical Engineering for Gate

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mechanical Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

As we know mechanical engineering is most demanded engineering course and every year thousands of students take admission in mechanical engineering. I have some useful question papers for GATE preparation on mechanical so I shared all these year wise question papers in this blog. I hope these exams papers will help you in your GATE preparation. You also can download other engineering course exams paper for GATE because I recently upload many engineering courses question papers like civil, electronics, computer science, electrical, chemical, aerospace engineering, and other various courses. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mathematics Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Mathematics is one of the interesting subjects for bright students and they like to solve mathematics numerical. Today I am sharing GATE previous year question papers. Solve all these previous exams papers and know how much you learn about GATE. Time is very important in exams because We have limited time in exams so how will you manage your time. If you solve these exams papers so you can judge how much time you have taken to solve whole examination.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Instrumentation Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Hey friends are you pursuing engineering from instrumentation so today I am sharing some pdf documents for your GATE exams. These are basically GATE exams question papers and here I shared year wise paper for you better preparation. Keep studying with these pdf and I hope you learn a lot from these pdf. I hope you will be able to get good marks in your GATE exams. One of the best advantage of previous year question papers is that “we can know about exams format and question types”. Now it’s time to study analyze how much you know about GATE.

Geology and Geophysics Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Hey friends GATE upcoming exams are near are you searching for geology and geophysics question paper so don’t worry here I am uploading for you. I have uploaded previous question papers on various types of engineering courses like civil, mechanical, electrical, mechanics, computer science and other types of engineering courses.  I am glad that I upload these previous year question papers for you. I like to help my friends. If you will prepare with these pdf so you can learn more about geology and geophics.

Ecology and Evolution Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Are you student of Ecology and Evolution? I have some previous year question papers for you GATE exams. I recently uploaded many engineering program question papers on engineering. If you are preparing GATE upcoming exams so these papers will be helpful for you. I like to help my engineering friends that‘s why I shared these pdf on my blog. I hope I could help you in you study can directly ask me any type of engineering related material , if you seriously need any eBook on any type of engineering course so you can ask in right hand side ask box. 

Electrical Engineering Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Electrical engineering is one of my favourite engineering programs if you are preparing GATE exam for electrical so I just upload previous exams papers on electrical. Now download these papers for you preparation. I always try to provide best study material for my engineering friends and also hope it will be useful for you. It is very difficult to clear GATE exams but previous papers can give us ideas about paper format and we can prepare well for exams on previous exams bases.

Electronics and Communication Gate Year Wise Question Papers Pdf

Are you preparing for GATE exams? So I bring some previous question papers on electronics and communication. Now you can solve these question for you practice I am sure you can learn a lot from these question papers. Better practice makes us better in education and we can get good marks. Below I shared some useful question papers on electronics and communication for GATE preparation. All these papers are in pdf formats and easy to download. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Chemistry Gate Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Hi friend today I am uploading previous question papers for GATE exams and I hope it will be helpful. This is chemistry question papers for GATE, all the instructions about exam are mentioned starting of this pdf so read carefully all these and follow all the exams rules.

I shared these pdf because you can do practice well for GATE and get good rank in your examination. Here I shared 2013, 2014 and 2015 previous exams paper.

Following pdf are linked below click to download :

I Recently upload some question papers on computer science and IT for GATE 

Computer Science Gate Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Are you preparing GATE 2015 exams? So I have some useful question papers for you exams preparation these will help you to get good marks. Here I uploaded previous three years papers check and download these pdf for your exams practice. 

It's important to make practice with previous year papers because it give us idea about exam type and we can know how much time we will take to give complete exam. 

Following question papers are linked below click and download: 

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