Thursday, 29 September 2016

Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices-Fifth Edition

Dear friends there is an ebook for you, which is on mechanisms and mechanical devices. This is basically third edition by Neil Sclater of ebook which cover full chapters. This sourcebook will help you well because Neil Sclater describes proven mechanisms and mechanical devices. This ebook contains new chapters on mechanisms for converting renewable energy into electrical power, 3D digital prototyping and simulation, and progress in MEMS and nanotechnology based on carbon nanotubes. There are 19 chapters in this ebook. I hope it will help you.

Basic Details of ebook:

Book Title: Mechanisms and Mechanical devices
Author(s): Neil Sclater
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Format    : PDF
Edition    : fifth
Pages       : 561
PDF Size  : 28 Mb

                       Download: Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices-Fifth Edition 
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These chapters are in this ebook:
  1. Basics of Mechanisms
  2. Motion Control Systems
  3. Stationary and Mobile Robots
  4. Mechanisms for Renewable Power Generation
  5. Linkages: Drives and Mechanisms
  6. Gears: Devices, Drives, and Mechanisms
  7. CAM, Geneva, and Ratchet Drives and Mechanisms
  8. Clutches and Brakes
  9. Latching, Fastening, and Clamping Devices and Mechanisms
  10. Chain and Belt Devices and Mechanisms
  11. Spring and Screw Devices and Mechanisms
  12. Shaft Couplings and Connections
  13. Motion-Specific Devices, Mechanisms, and Machines
  14. Packaging, Conveying, Handling, and Safety Mechanisms and Machines
  15. Torque, Speed, Tension, and Limit Control Systems
  16. Instruments and Controls: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric, and Electronic
  17. 3-D Digital Prototypes and Simulation
  18. Rapid Prototyping
  19. New Directions in Mechanical Engineering

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fluid mechanics Pdf EBooks and Lecture Notes

“Fluid mechanics deals with physics which tells about mechanics of fluid and its behavior, there are three common states of fluid like solid, liquid and gas. It is common in many engineering courses like mechanical, civil, chemical, geographics, astrophysics and biology. ”

Fluid mechanics is most engineering book for engineering students and also common subject in many engineering courses. Today I am sharing here useful lecture notes for my engineering student friends and hope you will enjoy and learn more about mechanics of fluid and their behavior. I am also a engineering student and I can understand the value of study material. In this blog I have share many engineering ebook for my friends like strengthof materials pdf by R.K Bansal. This is also most demanded ebook and I have upload complete course book with lecture notes by Prof. S.K Bhattacharya who is an Indian professor at IIT Kanpur.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Strength of Materials pdf by R.K Bansal and S. K. Bhattacharya

Strength of materials is also called mechanics of materials which deals with all the engineering courses like mechanical, structural, civil, biomedical, petroleum, aeronautical, and aerospace etc. that’s why this is highly demanded ebook by engineering students.

 This book is common in all the engineering courses and it tells about behavior of solid objects and strength.  If you don’t know about it so you have to read more on Wikipedia strength of materials. Wiki is the best source of information and I am sure you can collect more information from wiki so go ahead to know more.

Today I am sharing here a lecture note by Professor S.K Bhattacharya on “Introduction to strength of material” S.K Bhattacharya is IIT professor in Kharagpur and it is expected to cover the entire course in 40 lessons which is of 1-hour duration module. It is expected that the whole course is covered in 10 modules in this whole pdf with complete details and structured diagram and the diagrams will guide about derived unit, body force, surface forces, internal forces and concept of stress etc. I hope this module will be helpful for and you enjoy this pdf lecture note so keep download and must read it your knowledge and learn more here.

See lecture video by Prof. S.K Bhattacharya:

Friday, 12 February 2016

Aerospace Engineering Year Wise Question Papers pdf

Hi friends are you doing aerospace engineering so I bring previous years question paper for your practice. These are previous year papers so these will give you idea about types of papers. Here i upload previous three year question papers 2013, 2014 and 2015. Just download to make your study better and achieve highest marks in exams. Maximum numbers in aerospace engineering is 100 and time duration of exams is 3 hour.

General instructions are given above of this pdf please read and follow them. I am sure it will help you in your study and you will get good marks so  best you luck for your upcoming exams.

Following are year wise exams question papers click and download :

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