Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Importance of Preparing Self Notes in Academic Life

There have been many changes if we see the way a student prepare their academic career as we compare with present scenario and that of students 10 years from now. Student of the present age is now bound more on digital technology while 10 years from now students does not have that much exposure to digital life. I am writing this by considering the scenario of India.

With the development in the field of digital life, students are now started studying online mode, even their study material are all stored in the form of data on their laptops and mobile. Obviously, it should be, people should take the advantage of technology and development. At the same time Government has also been initially projects which are based on technology; one simple example of this is Digital India project by India Government.

Development in any form is considered good but my question here is should the student of present day forget the traditional method of studies. Because I have seen huge number of students has stopped buying books and preparing self notes. Instead, they are looking for e-books and other ready-made notes. There are huge numbers of WebPages which give the privilege free e-book downloads and other similar notes. In short, my opinion is that student is becoming more and lazier. Well, the case may be different for some student and I am not talking about those students who wisely used the advantage of technology or use in the right way.

When we were students half of day was spent in preparing notes, going to the library for referring to different books, even in the classroom writing down notes what the lecturer have said. Taking a simple example, in the lecture of basic civil engineering, a separate note is kept with title civil engineering notes where every notes and formula of basic civil engineering is maintained. But students of the present age have also started asking to provide the notes in printed form where they even do not care if they have written or attended the lecture or note. Some of the students just go to college so that they can collect printed notes from their friends so that they could make a photocopy and keep a copy for them as they have missed the lecture.

Students seem to have forgotten the benefit of making self-notes. As I have taken the example of Civil engineering notes let's continue with this. This civil engineering notes is hand written and prepared by myself by referring to various books and other notes. By doing so we also learnt the lesson automatically in a unique way. At the time of the exam, just one-time revision is enough to write the exam, thereby getting more time to give extra effort on something else. At the same time the habit of making notes help to improve the vocabulary, writing skill and speed of writing and much more. I should say that present students are not such enthusiastic or maybe I am wrong.

This is an open discussion; you can also give your opinion. What do you think? 
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