Monday, 24 October 2016

Essentials of Mechatronics by John Billingsley PDF

This ebook know as essentials of mechartronics which is written by John Billingsley. There are 268 pages in complete ebook which will guide you about essential nature of mechatronics. This ebook will helpful for mechanical and civil engineering students.

Basic Details of ebook:

Book Title: Essentials of Mechatronics

Author: John Billingsley

Format: PDF

Size: 3.46

Pages: 268

Publisher   : Wiley

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Engineering Design Process-2nd Edition by Yousef Haik & Tamer Shahin

This is second edition on engineering design process which is written by Yousef Haik and Tameer Shahin. There are 11 chapters in complete ebook. Every chapter on this ebook is well explained with diagrams which make it easy to understand. This ebook is combination of Yousef Haik & Tamer Shahin. I am sure you will like this ebook.

Basic details of ebook:

Title: Engineering Design Process
Author: Yousef Haik & Tamer Shahin
Edition: 2nd
Format: PDF
Size: 7.12 MB
Pages: 304

Monday, 3 October 2016

Electrical measurements and Instrumentation by P.P.L. Regtien

Dear friends here I am uploading an ebook on electrical measurements and instrumentation which is written by P.P.L Regtian . This is full ebook on the topic which contains 21 chapters in whole ebook. I hope it will help you. Let me know if you need more ebooks for your courses.

Basic details of ebook:

Name: Electrical measurements and Instrumentation

Author: P.P.L. Regtian

Format: PDF

Pages: 413

Ebook Size: 20.5

Embedded System Textbook by Rajkamal PDF-Second Edition

Dear friends in this post I am going to upload embedded system textbook which is written by Rajkamal.  This is basically second edition including with fourteen chapters in complete ebook. I am sure this ebook will be helpful for you.

Basic Details of Texbook:

Name: Embedded System Textbook

Author: Rajkamal

Format: PDF textbook

Pages: 557

Ebook Size: 27.2 MB

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Welding Manual Haynes Techbook by Jay Storer and John H Haynes

Haynes textbook on welding manual which covers basic concept of Gas, Arc, MIG, TIG and plasma welding and cutting. There are around 300 to 350 photograph in this ebook including with 9 chapters. This is one of the best ebook for beginners which guide step by step and basic concept of welding manual. You can read introduction to welding, development of modern welding and types of welding and how it works. You can learn a lot from this ebook like how metal alloy behave and Oxy-acetylene gas welding etc.

 One of the best part of Manual Haynes is picture included in this ebook because these picture are making it interesting, you can see 2 or 3 images in every single page. I hope you will like this Welding Manual by Jay Storer and John H Haynes and useful for you engineering course.

Basic Detail of Welding Manual Haynes Techbook :

Book Title:   Haynes Techbook Welding Manual

Author(s): Jay Storer and John H Haynes

Publisher   : Haynes Publishing Group

Pages       : 171

Size        : 10 Mb

Format: PDF

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