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IGNOU Assignments Question Papers 2016-2017 for All Semester-BCA

Hi friends you know this is time to submit assignments if you are students from IGNOU. Here I going to give you question papers for all semesters. I am also a student of BCA and I know importance of assignments sometimes it is much difficult to find IGNOU assignments by chance we found assignments there would not full subjects assignments. Now you don’t worry about your assignments because you can download all the assignments from this blog.

In this post I am uploading question papers of BCA assignments for all semester from 1st to 6th Sem of 2017 to 2017. If you are studying form IGNOU University and searching assignments so you are in a right place because I can give you all those assignments (question papers).

I just want to give my quick introduction: I am Jaivinder Singh Bhandari pursuing BCA from IGNOU. Now I am in 5th Sem. I am a working guy. I am working at Two Minds Technology Pvt. Ltd. Here I am working as SEO Executive. I create Faadooengineersupdates to help students. They may be engineering, IGNOU student and other. If I have important study material, I always post it for my friends because I like to help others. Previous year I shared SolvedAssignments for BCA 4th Semester.

I am always active on this blog you can you can ask anytime if you need any type of study material. I’ll try to give you study material as soon as possible for me. I hope these BCA assignments question papers of 2016-2017 will help you and will prepare you assignments before last date. Let me know if you need more assignments for your BCA courses.

In my next post I’ll share solved assignments of 2016-2017 for BCA students. I’ll try to give you all semester solved assignments from 1st to 6th semester.

Take a look at semester wise assignments:

Subject 1: Computer Basics and PC Software
Course Code: BCS-011
Subject 2: Basic Mathematics
Course Code: BCS-012
Subject 3: Computer Basics and PC Software
Course Code:  BCSL-013

Subject 1: Problem Solving and Programming
Course Code: MCS-011
Subject 2: Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming
Course Code: MCS-012
Subject 3: Discrete Mathematics
Course Code: MCS-013
Subject 4: Communication Skills
Course Code: MCS-015
Subject 5: C Language Programming
Course Code: BCSL-021
Subject 6: Assembly Language Programming Lab
Course Code: BCSL-022

Subject 1: Systems Analysis and Design
Course Code: MCS-014
Subject 2: Data and File Structures
Course Code: MCS-021
Subject 3: Introduction to Database Management Systems
Course Code: MCS-023
Subject 4: Programming in C++
Course Code: BCS-031
Subject 5: C++ Programming Lab
Course Code: BCSL-032
Subject 6: Data and File Structures Lab
Course Code: BCSL-033
Subject 7: DBMS Lab
Course Code: BCSL-034

Subject 1: Object Oriented Technologies and Java
Course Code: MCS-024
Subject 2: Fundamentals of Computer Networks
Course Code: BCS-041
Subject 3: Introduction to Algorithm Design
Course Code: BCS-042
Subject 4: Internet Concepts and Web Design (Lab Course)
Course Code: MCSL-016
Subject 5: Java Programming Lab
Course Code: BCSL-043
Subject 6: Statistical Techniques Lab
Course Code: BCSL-044
Subject 7: Introduction to Algorithm Design Lab
Course Code: BCSL-045
Subject 7: Statistical Techniques
Course Code: BCS-040

Subject 1: Introduction to Software Engineering
Course Code: BCS-051
Subject 2: Network Programming and Administration
Course Code: BCS-052
Subject 3: Web Programming
Course Code: BCS-053
Subject 4: Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques
Course Code: BCS-054
Subject 5: Business Communication
Course Code: BCS-055
Subject 6: Network Programming and Administration Lab
Course Code: BCSL-056
Subject 7: Web Programming Lab
Course Code: BCSL-057

Subject 1: E-Commerce
Course Code: BCS-062
Subject 2: Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
Course Code: MCS-022
Subject 3: Operating System Networking Management Lab

Course Code: BCSL-063

I hope my post will help you. If you need more feel free to ask. If you like my post you can share it with your friends and Social sites.
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