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Heat and Mass Transfer EBook-Third Edition by John H.Lienhard

Full Ebook pdf on heat and mass transfer by John H.Lienhard IV and John H.Lienhard V. This is basically third edition of HMT. Main purpose of this ebook is to introduce heat transfer course, who have learn calculus and basic thermodynamics.  This is full edition and many chapters are included in this ebook. Students can learn much about HMT from this ebook. In first chapter it will introduce about HMT, problems and relation to heat transfer to thermodynamics. There are basically VI sections in this ebook.

Basic Details of EBook:

Title: Heat and Mass Transfer Textbook-Third Edition

Author: John H.Lienhard IV and John H.Lienhard V

Edition: Third Edition

Format: PDF

Size: 10.1 MB

Pages: 762
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These are the chapters list which included in this eBook:

Part-1 The General Problems of Heat Exchange

Heat conduction concepts, Thermal resistance, and the overall heat transfer coefficient
Heat exchange design

Part-2 Analysis of heat conduction
 Analysis of heat conduction and some steady on dimensional problems
Transient and multidimensional heat conduction

Part-3 Convective heat transfer
Laminar and turbulent boundary layers
Forced convention in a variety of configuration
Natural convention in signal phase fluids and during film condensation
Heat exchange in boiling and other phase-change configuration

Part-4 Thermal radiation heat transfer
Radiative heat transfer

Part 5 Mass Transfer
An introduction to mass transfer

Part-6 Appendices
A: Some thermophysical properties of selected material
B: unit and conversion factor
C: Nomenclature  

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